Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bar Competition

I have been away from my computer for over a week now and it's good to be back. I truly didn't stay away on purpose, it was my technical assistant hubby needing a computer upgrade. Somehow no matter his diligence he cleaned everything a bit to well.

In the mean time I have been gathering information to hopefully have the first full scale bar tending competition in our county of Florida! I have to thank my fellow Speedrail bloggers for their knowledge and patience with my questions. I intend on blogging my first time adventure in the event planning part of this. Sure I can flare tend, but can I plan an event?

This started one evening in March, I was tending a wedding. The usual hotel staff, the best DJ company, the wedding planner, the florist, the cake, and the usual drunken new version of the electric slide. I have worked many weddings in 8 years with this DJ and he finally notices me flaring a bit, out of boredom. He walks up to the bar and says" I didn't know you can flare tend, I've always wanted to host a bar competition." So that is my cue.

So far we have picked a charity. We have a DJ and equipment. The Melbourne Beach Hilton is cooperating with me and loves the idea. My sales manager, GM, and Catering manager are all on board. The catering Manager's husband is one of our Liquor reps and he's game.

I've been trying to create chatter on facebook about this as well. One night I noticed an Orlando based liquor Company was on line and I started another awesome opportunity. I have VoodooTiki Tequila as a sponsor in some way hopefully and within the week I received two full size fabulous bottles of their best tequila to review (more info to bog about).

I worked a shift in our lobby lounge for a sick coworker last week. I fell into a conversation about my endeavor with a gentleman. He was inclined to call his daughter who is the VP of a major liquor distributor for our hotel and she agreed to back us! It's amazing how things have fallen into place.

Now to get all my ducks in a row and collaborate with all these wonderful people who think this is a great thing. I am so thankful to have some tequila to help my nerves a bit as well. Creating recipes and tasting it should do the trick after all of the planning and legwork really starts. Just this morning I had to reschedule my first in stone meeting due to conflicts. More to come!


Alex said...

That's cool. You want to make a flair competition? Or a mixology competition?

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