Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trim the Excess Fat Tuesday

I am sick of all the whining about money and the economy and the housing market. I see little use in feeling sorry for myself anymore. Grab yourself by the pants and pick yourself up. It's your life, you are lucky to live in a great country, do something else but whine. Now that I'm through whining....

Being fat Tuesday, the day when excess is allowed for 1 last day, it may be hard to do anything in excess because of the previous items mentioned in the above paragraph. That said, here's a drink to sip to keep your mouth and mind happy and your fellow countryman's ears from exploding from all the complaints.

Trim the Fat Tuesday

2 oz. of your favorite cheap bourbon
1 sugar packet that was lifted from your local coffee place
1/2 oz of anything lemon
3 oz. of any iced tea
1 crushed mint taken from the restaurant you ate at last week
ice (if you still have an ice maker and electricity)

Crush Ice into oblivion (to work out stress and tension). Fill a clean container that you can drink from with ice (if you don't have one just put all ingredients in the bourbon bottle, it's quicker). Now add all ingredients and shake like hell. Drink fast. Feel Better?

I feel so stimulated.