Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What is this blog about anyway?

Wow! I have not posted a blog since April 30th 2009. Well Happy New Year. Quite frankly I have had my world turned upside down. It has seemed last on my list to post anything about bartending or booze related topics.In the months I have left this alone for a few months, I've noticed I have collected more followers. Thank you to all who have followed.

My husband has been battling addiction to pain pills. Don't get me started on reasons not to take pain pills. Please just don't take them! It's been a very trying time for my whole family. He has done well with recovery and day by day things are stronger. I won't get into details but you can imagine as a bartender this has been very taxing on my career mentally. How can I also be someone who enables addicts and get paid well to do so? I've learned alot, cried a lot, and I am a stronger person for it. I love my family and need to be with them more every day. The life of a bartender/ manager has horrible hours, scheduling, and it is not healthy for my family anymore. I still have a passion for what I do and am looking for ways to make the career I've made for myself into something new and delicious. For now I have explored the side of me that loves to train people. I love educating people, the moment when they "get it" is victorious for me as well. Maybe this is my future. For now, maybe I will carry on with this blog. Maybe it will come out of its "cocoon". I would love any encouraging words and from the bottom of my soul thank you to everyone and everything that has helped me through this.