Thursday, April 30, 2009

Voodoo Tiki Platinum Silver Tequila

I was thrilled to receive this bottle of ultra premium blanco tequila. From the first look at

I was amazed by the marketing. They have 100 of the wildest Margarita recipes I've seen. It is a site worth looking at just for the creativity poured into it.

I was expecting this spirit to be to good to be true based on my visit to their site. That being said, I made some judgements before I even tasted. If you need to know anything about my tequila tasting background and what I like, know these names, Partida Blanco and Jose Cuervo reserva de la familia anejo as some of my best rated tequila. Time to taste!

The bottle is hand etched mexican bubble glass with a hand blown glass tiki head inside, wood top cork, hand dipped and sealed with my other favorite, red wax! Again I was scared thinking this is to good to be true. The back of the bottle has a nice description, it's numbered and has a magic word that makes your bottle common, uncommon, rare or a one- of-a-kind collectible. Last time I'm going to mention the detailed marketing has really swayed me.

I grabbed my pencil and notebook and bellied up to my bar with a fluted glass with 2 ounces of Voodoo tiki Blanco "neat". I found a smooth almost buttery feel on my tounge. I could taste charred oak and I could taste pear on my breath at the finish. I almost want to say there was no tequila burn, but there was a burn with first my "neat" taste.

Next I chilled it and tried again. No burn, nice barrel flavor, and again pear or maybe something more citrus like, Carambola(?) on the end. Its time to get creative and play with limes and poms. Of everything I have done with this tequila this is my favorite way.

1 bar spoon honey
2 oz. fresh lime juice
2 oz Voodoo Tiki Blanco

Add all to ice, shake, and slip into a nice salt rimmed glass, splash of Pom juice.

No triple sec, just one of the best tequilas, a few friendly juices, salt and honey. My favorite so far.

The marketing is backing up a qualified product and I hope you will all try this tequila. It is a new favorite and the bottle is quite a conversation piece for your back bar.

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