Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The appeal of Repeal Day, December 5th 2008

So as everyone who is trying to be someone knows Friday December 5th is the 75th anniversary of Repeal Day. Yes, the day the United States Government took away the almost 14 year ban on alcoholic beverages in the country. What a good reason to celebrate!

I am pondering the appeal of it this year. We, as knowledged alcoholic beverage supporters, have taken a greater pride in promoting Repeal Day this year.

For more in depth information try these sites to start:

Prohibition took us through the great depression and stock market crash. Now when the economy is over the toilet and very hungover from too much partying. I see great similarities in history. I suppose because a good drink is a relatively inexpensive luxury these days for most people, as it would have been during prohibition. Studies show that in times of economic hardship alcohol sales boom.

So have a drink. Support the economy and celebrate the fact that this time around it's legal to have a drink in honor of a similar time in history when it was AGAINST THE LAW TO HAVE A COCKTAIL.

That is very appealing. I will be tending a Christmas party for the working class on repeal day, very fitting I think. Cheers!

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