Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meyers's 5 for 5

I helped a friend out and worked a dreadfully slow Sunday evening shift for her. Although I only saw 7 people in 7 hours I did come up with this concoction:

Meyers's 5 for 5

1 hefty pinch chinese 5 spice powder
1 oz. coco lopez
1 oz. lime juice
3 freshly torn up basil leaves
2 oz. Meyers's dark rum
heavy splash of pineapple juice

Muddle basil, chinese 5 spice powder, coco lopez, and lime juice gently. Fill with ice add rum. Cap and shake until frothy. Pour contents into pint glass and top with heavy splash of pineapple juice.

1 comment:

Tiare said...

Interesting concoction, i will try it out but i have no Meyers so i use my Appleton 12 or Reserve instead!
Just need to get the 5 spices..