Saturday, September 6, 2008

Truly America's Empire

I found this so astounding I had to list it for all to admire. At
You can find a treasure trove of history. I highly suggest, especially if you bar tend, checking out this site thoroughly. Here's the basic facts:

The Beam Dynasty

7 Generations

30 People descending from Jacob Beam

66 named products throughout history

Here's the list that is "Touched by Beam"

Old Jake beam
Old Tub
Jefferson Club
Jim Beam
Bonded Beam
Beam's Choice
Knob Creek
Basil Hayden's
Beam Rye
Old Bardstown
Carl's Choice
Heaven Hill
Evan Williams
Henry Mckenna
JW Dant
Cabin Still
Ezra Brooks
J.T.S. Brown
Elijah Craig
F.M. Head
Head & Beam
Old Trump
J.T. Pottinger and Co.
Pride of Nelson
Old Trump
Very Old Barton
Early Times
Clear Springs
Tom Moore
Dan'l Boone
Queen of Nelson
Mattingly & Moore
Old Baker
Old Pirate
Monsamim Sour Mash
Mammoth Cave
Old Fitzgerald
Sam Clay
Old Happy Hollow
Kentucky Dew
Cherokee Spring
Four Roses
Lucky Star
Old Nectar
Old Lewis Hunter
Benchmark Four Roses
Eagle Rare
Sir Thomas
Old Oscar Pepper
Old Kennebac
Jim Perkins
Honey Dew
Paul Jones
Kentucky Triumph
Old Stomping Ground
T.W. Samuels

HOLY SMOKES that's a lot of corn!

Visit the site:

to be amazed.


Bill Reynolds said...

That is suppose to be T. J. Pottenger for Thomas Jefferson Pottenger Distillery, Gethsemane, Nelson County, Kentucky

1881 New Hope area, T J Pottinger and Company listed as a "manufacture of whiskey" merchant.

He is my Great Great Grandfather.
(from Bill Reynolds)

Kelsey Crenshaw said...

At Jim Beam's site that is the way they list the product. Sorry if I was misinformed. Thanks for the history, Bill.

Jim Beam Employee said...

I just wanted to thank both of you for your posts! I work for Jim Beam and our team saw your blog and have since corrected the error: Our sincere apologies for the misprint. Thanks so much for being fans of the Brand!