Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay, for yet another day...

So we have been dealing with the non stop rain from tropical storm Fay since Monday evening. We have had 26 inches of rain on the barrier island. We have been lucky and have had power and no damage. The hotel I work at has suffered some water damage (again). However I was stuck with only beer and wine to "play " with. I have thought up a few recipes I need to try out when I get to the store I'll work on this. I love being creative with drink names and using themes to build drinks around. Here are some of my newest drink ideas:

Flood water
This drink has to be brown and opaque and made with rum. I'm thinking some cranberry and OJ to get the brown. Keep in mind the ingredients have to be the things you would have around the kitchen in most households during a flood.


I'm thinking bourbon (or maybe SoCo) this time and cranberry and OJ and lime on the rocks.

I have been growing Campari tomatoes from seeds since May and I have 5 ginormous plants that I have been caring for. They had to be evacuated before the storm to higher , more sheltered ground , my back porch. On the 2nd day of Fay I found 2 monster tomato hornworm caterpillars munching on the remnants of 2 plants!!!! They ate 2 tomatoes and 15 or so leaves. I removed them in to the bug zoo fro the kids to view and hours later they chewed through the plastic mesh and made a slither for it. I hope they got sick! So this drink must be...

the Caterpillar

Tomato juice and spiced rum (try it, it's yum!) and fresh dill (it's green)a splash of OJ and Tabasco green sauce floated on top. Some celery, olives, and capers for garnishing.

One of favorite drink name games to play involves thinking of movies and using the Movie titles as names and being creative with ingredients.

For example:

layered (use the force Luke) in a pousse cafe glass

3/4 oz midori (yoda is green)

3/4 oz Irish cream ( the movie was made in the 70's, hello!)

3/4 oz Frenet Branca ( that is the dark side)

This may or may not be good. That's the fun of the game you don't have to make the drink unless it sounds great and or someone wants to. This was played for hours one evening at my bar and involved 8 customers and 2 bartenders on a slow rainy evening. We all had a bunch of fun coming up with good and bad drinks for good and bad movie titles. At least politics, religion, and war stories were not involved.

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