Thursday, August 7, 2008

Casino Night at the Melbourne Beach Hilton

This week I had the chance to become familiar with some sales people working for Northrop Grumman. I had the pleasure of bartending for them 3 evenings out of 4. The last was Casino night for fun with 6 different game tables. I am always amazed how people will come out of their shells after only a few sessions. I'll leave you with a picture of baby boomers doing the cabbage patch and the sprinkler after some well made gin martinis and a lesson or two on vodka and how to choose from my small selection.

Which brings me to a thought about the difference in work environments from the last job I held and the one I hold now.

Former Job at Mainstreet Pub

  • Had lots of "regulars". I enjoyed most of them most of the time.

  • Had a huge range of spirits, beers, wines, fresh fruit, and tools for making anything your heart desired.

  • Very late hours. The last two hours being the busiest. (after standing around trying to remain focused and paced being thrown into a fast paced environment is tricky.)

  • Very reasonable priced product.

Present Job at the Melbourne Beach Oceanfront Hilton

  • Usually only have the pleasure of meeting people once or twice.

  • Very minimal bar. (2 or 3 choices maximum for each spirit, beer or wine)

  • Usually home before midnight and my schedule depends on what is booked.

  • Very overpriced extremely regulated (2 ball pourers) product.

It looks like from my list each job is 2 good for 2 not so good entries. Hopefully, I will find a way to bring out more good qualities with this new job. I'll leave you with this.

I will gladly watch responsible adults do the robot after some overpriced best I can do martinis as opposed to some hapless 21 year old trying to pick up hot chicks with daddy's money and 13 misunderstood mojitos.

Did I mention I can usually see the Atlantic Ocean from where I make drinks at the Hilton?

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